7 Simple Tips for a Happier New Year

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, happiness is defined as a state of well-being and contentment. The truth is, happiness is often a matter of perspective; varying from person to person based on an individual’s ideals and preferences.

Happiness is typically a highly coveted and desirable attribute. Inevitably, most people want to be happy. But realistically, although happiness is accessible to all of us, it can be challenging to attain depending on a person’s mindset, and circumstances.  However, the process of obtaining happiness does not have to be a difficult one. Organic happiness often blooms and flourishes from the simplest joys in life.  Here are 10 simple ways that you can enjoy a happier life this year and thereafter.

1.Practice Gratefulness

Think about things that you are thankful for and really take time out to appreciate them. Shifting your focus towards the things that you have versus what you don’t have or what you want, can impact your attitude and enhance your mood for the better.  Gratefulness is like a warm coat on a cold winter day. It can warm a chilly spirit and help you feel plain old good; it’s chicken soup for the soul.

Join in this month’s 30-Day Gratitude Challenge.  Starts Monday, January 9th. Post pics, tweets or updates in conjunction with daily theme and tag them #ThisIsMyGrateful.

2.Embrace Your Passion

Find things that you love to do and do them more! If you love reading, make the time to do it. It might also help to explore new ideas and activities. Keep in mind, happy experiences often reside in unventured territories.

3.Exercise & Eat Healthy

Do you work out? Exercise helps to alleviate stress by releasing endorphins. A healthy body most often equals a healthy and happier mind. Working out often causes you to sweat. According to LifeHack.org, exercise puts you in a better mood…. be aware that you have to SWEAT with heavier weight training or anaerobic exertion to get the reap the real benefits and feel the favorable impact on your mood.

4.Abandon Negative Thoughts

Negative thinking can be burdensome and toxic.  Swap negative thoughts with positive ones. Do everything possible to avoid negative people and situations that can potentially make you feel bad about yourself or put you in a funk. Invite more favorable experiences, positive people, and synergistic energy into your life.

5. Take Time Out to Relax and Reflect

It’s a fact, the year will come and go. Time waits for no one. So, it’s imperative that you make the most of fleeting moments last by being present and mindful.  Not into meditation or spas? Try something as simple as disconnecting from your devices and taking a walk. Make the ongoing effort to incorporate ways of relaxing and reflecting into your regimen. Your mind and body will thank you later.

6. Make an Annual “To Do” List

Think about things that you want to accomplish before the end of the year and compile a “pressure-free” list.  Gradually begin the process of transforming “I wish I could” into amazing memorable experiences. Create a list of enticingly relaxing, leisure, and fun things that you’d like to do and make steps to accomplish them. Having awesome things to look forward can promote, an optimistic state of mind.

7. Connect with a Life Coach 

A life coach will help you identify obstacles or hiccups that are preventing you from living your happiest and most satisfying life. Are you holding on to self-defeating thoughts or unknowingly remaining stagnate? By connecting with a life coach, you will be able to unmask feelings of discontentment, create viable options, disable obstacles, and implement effective ways to accomplish your goals.


What things make you feel the happiest? Please share below.