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Fitness Trends to Follow in 2017

The year’s still young and it’s still not too late to do something about the fitness part of your list of New Year’s resolutions. Still, if you’re going to be sweating those extra pounds off, you may well feel cool while doing it. Wait, you haven’t heard about the hottest trends the year has in store for fitness fans looking to get in shape and in vogue? It’s still not too late to do your 2017 fitness homework now and prepare for the next workout like a true-blue gym native.

All Worn Out and Decked with Wearable Tech

Wearables have been slowly gaining momentum among fitness-minded crowds and this year, it looks like their popularity is going to peak. From Fitbit and Garmin to Withings and Polar, most big players in the fitness tracker industry announced fresh takes on their previous models at CES 2017, along with a few smartwatch brands such as Casio and Fossil that will be jumping onto the fitness gadget wagon. On top of standard measurements such as distance crossed and calories burned, fitness wearables will this year boast heart rate readings, GPS tracking, move reminders, and many other sweet options.

Gym Sweat That Shows on the Smart Screen

In 2017, an increasing number of people will be working on their fitness and overall health with the help of smartphone apps such as Yonder and Spotify. For a sweet bonus, some apps such as Sworkit and DailyBurn will feature workout customization options based on individual needs and training preferences. If you want to reach target weight and shape faster, arm your smartphone with weight loss and nutrition apps and let tech take care of your shape: this year, all the fitness goodies you need will be at the end of your fingertips.

Aqua Fitness Can Be Ultra-Fun – and Efficient

Water-based workouts will be a huge hit this year, and classic pool laps will take a high intensity turn. Aqua jogging, aqua spinning, and Megaformer are already worshipped by hundreds of fitness fans around the globe, and hydro circuit trainings are getting more popular by the day, too. Apart from muscle building, water workouts are a popular adjuvant therapy for recovering athletes. In 2017, lean muscles will be built from sweat, tears, and water drops, so if you want to get into shape or speed up recovery after an injury, you’d better dive in as soon as possible!

SHAW AIR FORCE BASE SC. — Kaitlynn Solanes, life guard and water aerobics instructor leads an afternoon water aerobics class here July 6, 2011. The 20th Force Support Squadron offers several different swimming classes at both the Lakeside and Woodland swimming pools. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Kenny Holston)(Released)

360 Fitness is the Next Big Hit for Gym Crowds

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, build bulk, dial up endurance, or just stay fit and healthy, you may want to give 360 fitness a serious thought this year. A holistic approach to the human anatomy and best ways to achieve personalized fitness goals, 360 fitness relies on science so as to minimize risk of injury, maximize performance, and improve overall health and wellbeing. The approach is compatible with solo workouts, group exercises, and professional trainings, so it will fit your personal fitness bill regardless of goals and favorite workout style.

A Virtual Beating in the Home-Based Boxing Rink

Boxing went pop last year, and it’ll stay in vogue this year as well, albeit with a digital twist. This year, virtual boxing will be helping fitness fans maximize muscle gains anywhere and anytime they like. A perfect workout if you’re looking to improve coordination, grow muscles, bust fat, and boost metabolic rate, virtual boxing will change the way fitness fans perceive sparring partners. Simply sign up for a monthly or annual Boxx Method program, play one of the many 30-minute choreographed sequences, and give your mitts a workout to remember!

Fitness Routines Taking a Cool and Mindful Twist

Although its popularity peaked in the past few years, yoga’s gaining new devotees around the globe, and so is mindful living. In 2017, fitness routines will take a turn for the mindful as more and more people start looking for workouts that improve both physical and mental shape, curb stress, and calm the nervous system. For a physical shapeup and cognitive function boost, align your training with mindfulness principles, and round off your fitness routine with a morning Om session in order to strengthen your core, glutes, and mental muscles by a single blow.

Gym Bros Sweating It At Home and Outdoors

If you think pop workouts are all about fitness centers and yoga studios, you’re wrong. In 2017, we’ll be seeing more and more fitness aficionados heading out for workouts al fresco, but shyer among bulk-minded folks will also be stacking their rooms with commercial gym equipment and sweating it out in the comfort of the home gym. Along with increased demand for professional fitness trainers, 2017 will bring about the rise of at-home trainings custom-tailored with the help of smart apps, online training programs, and fitness tutorials.

Ready to jump on the hip fitness boat? Take your pick from hot fitness trends listed above and put your muscle mass to work: after all, life’s short, and it will only get shorter if you spend it in the couch-potato mode.