7 Yummy Stress Fighting Foods and Recipes

Stress is not necessarily a desirable condition, but the most effective foods that combat it are nothing less than yummy. Breeze through your busy schedules with these stress fighting foods.

Tulsi Tea

This slightly spicy and sweet tea is a tension tamer. It’s packed with powerful nerve-soothing herbs like rosmarinic acid and eugenol. You can find it in your local health-food store or online.


Did you know that citrus calms the central nervous system? Oranges do more than just keep the doctor away. They’re great for combating anxiety. According to an Austrian research team, anxiety levels fall by 33 percent when you eat citrus fruit every day. Citrus is rich in vitamin C and malic acid, both are super at making the central nervous system less reactive during high stress situations.

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Carrots  are loaded with manganese, copper and potassium, which are all aid in relaxing a tense body. Eating carrots helps to keep your muscles loose and tension-free so you don’t have to tussle with stress induced aches and pains. Blend it up in your favorite smoothie or juice, try it for as little as 5 days, and and watch it go to work!

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This crowd pleasing dip is filled with polyphenols, which are compounds that soothe and nourish over-active adrenal glands by scaling down their production of pesky stress hormones. According to UCLA, having a cup of hummus or any other legume-rich dish has been proven to cut angst by at least 25 percent in approximately 72 hours.

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Garlic soothes the brain with its alluring aroma and flavor. According to scientists at Chicago’s Smell & Taste Treatment and Research foundation, the enticing smells of cooked garlic can reduce stress levels by 39 percent in as little as 10 minutes. Bring on the garlic stir fry and say good-bye to troublesome tension.

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Nibbling on half a cup of these yummy beans is known to boosts feel-good dopamine in your body. British researchers accredit its stress soothing effects to L-tyrosine, an amino acid that boost the brain’s output of the healing hormone dopamine.

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Tuna revs up Zen brain waves. The blend of omega-3 fatty acids and amino acids in fish boost the production of calming alpha brain waves-often within 30 minutes of eating it, according to researches at Georgetown University in Washington, D. C.

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What’s your favorite stress fighting food?