4 Simple Tricks to Eating Out the Healthy Way

Consumer Behavior Experts and Food Economists regularly study the habits of restaurant goers. Their studies have identified common habits as well as surprising factors that influence eating tendencies – from decor to lighting. Check out how to eat hearty in a healthy and calorie-friendly way based on experts, based on experts research based recommendations.

1. Request a Table Near a Window

According to the experts, studies of restaurant receipts identified that patrons that sat near windows while dining were 80 percent more likely to have salads. The same applied to people who sat at high tables, which reportedly made them feel more in control. So, make a beeline for that window seat or high top table next time you want to eat less while your dining out.

2. Sit Far From the Bar

Bar areas tend to have televisions and televisions tend to be distracting. Studies show that distractions during eating can cause people to eat more. Additionally, alcohol has lots of sneaky calories.  Researchers recommend sitting as far a way from the bar as possible, if your trying to watch your waistline. A Cornell research team found that people that seat in the bar area tend to consume more alcohol than people that seat further away.

3. Request a Tall Glass

The Journal of Consumer Research discovered that bartenders typically pour 27 percent more alcohol into short glasses than tall ones. Tall glasses are also great for serving up more water. Filling up on water is a great way to get full and prevent overconsumption of food.

4. Dine Out With a Healthy Eating Pal

According to food economist from Oklahoma State University, diners tend to mimic the eating patterns of their dining date. These diners fell into “healthy eating” peer pressure. But instead of being disappointed for succumbing to this type of pressure, they reported feeling pleased with their healthier choices.

Here are some code words you might want to look out for when deciding on your food choices in the menu: