Perfect Outdoor Workouts for Your Urban Lifestyle

Some cities of the world, especially the fitness-crazed ones such as Melbourne, Copenhagen or Calgary, offer a wide range of outdoor activities that will appeal to adventure seekers as well as average athletes who simply want to spend some time on a healthy workout.

However, living in a city comes with many challenges, and it can often become tempting to ditch the treadmill or the volleyball game for a reading session at home. The very next time you find yourself in a similar existential conundrum, try following the example of some of the fitness enthusiasts from around the world who have mastered the art of training outside.


If you are a daredevil at heart, and you don’t mind the raw, urban environment, learn from French street runners who have used the elements of military training, mixed them with gymnastics, and created a blend that requires plenty of agility, balance and coordination in addition to basic endurance. Join a club if you’d like, find a training partner or learn on your own, but parkour is the perfect urban solution for your fitness routine.

While parkour comes from France, it has become a globally beloved sport, practiced by people who like to experiment with new sports as well as people tired of the typical gym grind. It is also a perfect opportunity to express your monkey-like tendencies in a perfectly acceptable, civilized manner, and it’s practically irresistible once you get the hang of it.

Bodyweight park workouts

If you live in a nature-dominated city such as Melbourne, you are likely just a brisk walk or a bus ride away from your nearest park. Once there, every single one of your workouts can be designed differently, so they will never become dull.

While the breathtaking scenery alone is enough to motivate you to return to the park’s tracks and trails, a variety of available activities such as cycling, running, hiking, a mix of push-ups, pull-ups, sprints, lunges, squats, or mild yoga asanas will always be on the menu for a diverse training style.

Guided outdoor routines

Another example of the growing health consciousness in Australia is the increasingly popular trend of personalized fitness programs. For instance, you have an option to hire a personal trainer in Adelaide who will come to your home and craft every single workout according to your needs and desires. They will take you to the beach for a HIIT workout or a light jogging session, or they can also tailor a special routine suitable for an outdoor gym if that is what suits you best.

More time in the sun, combined with a demanding exercise combo is a winning recipe for a healthy lifestyle that is perfectly manageable in an urban environment. Plus, is there any greater motivation than having a reliable, professional guide for every step of your fitness journey, and joining numerous smiling people in the streets and beaches of Adelaide several times a week?

Adventure sports

While they might not be for everyone, there are plenty of ways to bring more excitement into your workout routine, or to switch to an adventure sport altogether. Whether it is permanently or temporarily, you can always make use of the wonderful sunny weather or the calm snowy days. For instance, rock climbing in cities such as Milwaukee has become a very popular way of introducing some adventure spirit into a fitness routine.

Also, water sports and adventurous activities are not strictly reserved for tropical islands. Coastal cities and those with plenty of rivers or lakes make for perfect kayaking locations. Enjoying the breathtaking landscapes and observing amazing wildlife species in their natural habitat are ideal opportunities for mindful meditation in addition to the demanding workout. Chances are, you will likely forget that you’re there for the exercise.

Don’t let your city life stifle your fitness spirit; work on finding a way to make the most of your urban lifestyle, and try to discover all the corners of your city that are perfect for an enthusiast such as yourself.

Whether you need a change in your fitness routine, or just some inspiration to kick-start your training program outside, there are plenty of ways to make them fun, challenging and enjoyable, no matter where you live.