New Trends for Runners in 2018

The fitness world is looking to the future with the latest growing trends, which resemble much of what we see elsewhere in the world. As technology advances, runners are applying it to their passion in ways that will either improve their performance or personalize the running experience for them.

Greater Functionality and Fashion in Sports Gear

From leggings to shoes, sportswear fashion is getting a huge makeover, incorporating new features that make these apparel items essential to the runners who wear them. Look for ventilation ports behind the knees, more comfort in running shoes, and designs that make better fashion sense to active runners. Fashion designers are adding more flair to their offerings as well by increasing the colors available for each fashion. While black is traditional for sports gear, more and more designers are offering a wider selection of color choices that even include pastels and brighter colors.

More Personalization Will Enhance the Running Experience

Look for technology to continue to shape the fitness experience. For runners, there are fitness apps that can personalize their entire lifestyle for them. From offering guidance on diet and eating habits to analyzing your running stats, these apps can help you identify your weak areas and maximize your performance levels. Some apps are even connecting runners with a virtual coach, sharing performance data in a way that enables more efficient coaching and better advice. Overall, the trend towards personalization means you can get nutrition advice based on your lifestyle and customized workout suggestions that apply specifically to your abilities.

Improved Wearable Tech

Last year, one of the hottest new products to hit the market for runners was a shoe equipped with a running app. This shoe automatically tracks your runs and stores them to your account. This was just the beginning of a new trend in wearable tech that’s expected to grow by leaps and bounds. Similarly, some sportswear manufacturers are teasing apparel equipped with sensors that will record and track yoga poses, while also monitoring vitals and tracking sweat rate. As we head into 2018, this type of melding of technology and fashion is expected to continue, offering smaller tech devices incorporated into even more comfortable action wear.

Better Apparel for Women

Another trend and one that may be a long time in coming is rethinking how sportswear is designed for women. In the past, women’s wear was manufactured on the “pink it and shrink it” philosophy, meaning action wear for men was made in pink colors and simply reduced in size. Today, the fight for gender equality has changed the way the fashion industry addresses women’s apparel, especial when it comes to sportswear. From shoes to backpacks, items are being redesigned to more accurately fit the female form.

Runners Look for New Skin Care Products

Skincare is becoming a growing concern for runners and not just because they’re spending more time in the sun than others. Sure, those UV rays are to be guarded against, but equally harmful to the skin is pollution and the blue light given off by laptops and smartphones. Enter cosmetics companies offering “skin-barrier supporters” to protect the lipid (outer) layer of your skin. Though usually criticized for contributing to poor skin health, the cosmetics industry is now producing creams and lotions that promote stronger defenses for the skin. Protective ingredients like lipids, ceramides, and adaptogens are being added to these special products to help boost positive skin health for those who are extraordinarily exposed to UV rays, outdoor pollutants, and other contaminants.

As these coming changes indicate, the future for runners seems to be on enhancing performance and providing a running experience that’s tailored to each individual. By customizing products from tech to apparel, businesses hope to draw a greater share of the fitness enthusiast’s dollar. That may mean greater choices for runners hoping to maintain a competitive edge in the coming months and beyond.

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