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YPLS Life & Wellness Coaching was founded by Kim Anthony, an Adjunct Professor of Psychology, Life, Wellness & Academic Coach, Educational Consultant and published writer. YPLS was developed to empower and support clients with the accountability, feedback, tools, and strategies clients need to achieve the results they want.

She likes to refer to coaching as “styling” because, similar to styling, it is a process that requires a great deal of creativity, flexibility, vision and skill.  It also necessitates renovations, updates, and additions; until it’s the ideal fit.

Anthony is an avid advocate for all things well and good. She has a fervent passion for helping clients overcome external and internal obstacles, accomplish their goals, and discover their true passions.

She has over 18 years experience working in counseling, education and social service. She holds master’s degrees in both psychology and behavioral science with certificates/concentrations in college counseling, mediation and life and wellness coaching.

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Her extensive education and behavioral background contributes to her demonstrated expertise in helping clients develop adaptive abilities that successfully help them to recognize their skills, identify their goals and successfully navigate through challenges that stand in the way of accomplishing their goals.

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Areas of Specialization

YPLS Life Coaching specializes in …….

  • Personal Growth ( Resilence, Self-Care, Self-Acceptance, Confidence/Self-Esteem, and Work/Life Balance)
  • Academic Development
  • Career Planning
  • Finances and Budgeting
  • Motivation and Time Management
  • Relationships
  • Entrepreneurial and Small Business Development