Featured Trainer: Joel Harper



Celebrity personal trainer Joel Harper has been developing custom workouts for personal training in New York City (NYC) for 18 years largely due to his simple exercises which produce immediate results. His clients range from Dr. Oz to Olympic medalists who are striving for break-through performances to 10 year old kids just learning to appreciate their health. With a client list as diverse as his personal training methods, he regularly works with well-known actors preparing for new roles, musicians embarking on world tours and business executives desiring increased energy and strength. Joel has appeared in various publications from “O” magazine and Esquire to Bottomline Health.Joel’s unique personal fitness workouts have been seen on various programs including: ABC & Fox News, Oprah, the Dr. Oz. Show, Good Morning America, and Larry King. Joel is the creator of the PBS best selling DVD,FIRMING AFTER 50 and the currently running SLIM & FIT.

Q & A with Joel Harper

FG: When and why did you become a personal trainer?

JH:1996 Please tell us about your journey. I came from a modeling background and being in shape was a very important part of being successful. I love sports and being active, so I was always was drawn towards a career that was going to help people feel better about themselves and that matched my energy level.

FG: Do you have a special training style?
Using your time efficiently and effectively and working every muscle from every angle.  What methods do you use? Using your body as your gym.

FG: What are some of the main factors you take in consideration when developing a fitness plan for clients?

JH:  1) Figuring what they like to do.  2) How much time they are willing to commit. 3) What their energy level is.  4) What their goals are with their body.
What are some of the most common mistakes a client makes?1) Being impatient and thinking you see results immediately.  2) Not being consistent.3) Bad nutrition.4) Too much noise in their head.

FG: What are the most common mistakes a trainer makes?

JH: 1) Not listening to the client and asking the right questions.  2) Giving a one size fits all workout and not making it specific for each client. 3) Improper stretching.  4) Talking too much.

FG: Do you have suggestions for people who have difficulty being consistent and staying motivated?

JH: 1) Work on their inner voice. 2) Increasing their stakes.3) Shifting their deserve level. 4) Using affirmations. 5) Getting a workout partner.6) Booking sessions with a trainer.


FG:  How do you keep you clients motivated?

JH: Taping into their inner winner.

FG: What type of nutrition tips do you have for fitness enthusiasts?

1) Drink half your body weight in ounces of water a day and if you work out for an hour that is 10 more ounces. 2) Always eating breakfast-3 small meals and 3 snacks every day.3) Never eat 3 hours before you go to bed.  4) Eat protein within 30 minutes of exercising. 5) Eat veggies and fruits at all meals.

FG: What is the best way to quickly and safely put on muscle mass?

NG: Warming up properly and using heavy weights low reps. Eating protein with every meal and within 30 minutes of working out. Letting your muscles rest between workouts-a minimum of 48 hours.

FG: Do you have fitness products (apps, books, dvds)  that are available to purchase and where would we get them?

JH: Yes, I have 18 workout DVDs. They are on my website.

FG: Joel, thanks so much for participating in our Q & A!