Featured Trainer: Madison Chase



Madison Chase began her training in fitness as a young classical ballerina. She has trained with the following : The prestigious Julliard in New York City with School of American Ballet, Fort Worth Ballet, Houston Ballet, Interlochen School of the Performing Arts, Arts Magnet High School and Alvin Ailey. Her certifications include, IFPA (International Fitness Professional Association), ACE (Advance Certification) and AMFPT (American Muscle & Fitness Personal Training).
In 2004, Madison was 1st runner up in Miss Fitness Bikini America. In 2002, Madison was crowned the 3-time ESPN2 Women’s Fitness Champion, Miss Fitness Texas Champion, and placed in the top 10 out of 100 competitors for both Miss Fitness America and Miss Fitness Universe. She is also a top 20 competitor for the Miss America Pageanrepresenting Richardson, Texas.
Her electronic and print experiences include, hosting a weekly fitness program on Dallas’ NBC affiliate, entitled, “Workout Wednesday.” As a fitness writer, her articles have been published in Eclipse magazine, www.eurweb.com, www.dallasblack.com, and www.eclipsedfw.com. As a fitness model she has appeared in magazines such as Oxygen, Muscle and Fitness Hers, and Heart and Soul.

Interview with Madison Chase

FG: When and why did you become a personal trainer?

MC: I think I started training long before I realized I wanted to be one. I’m originally from Ft Worth, Texas.  I can recall taking coaching and supporting  my slightly overweight cousin, as a child.  I would help her work out, encourage her to exercise, and suggest healthier food options.  I always loved fitness. It was something I did naturally.  I was always a dancer. I studied with Julliard. Every summer I would go somewhere and study dance. I danced from 8-17. I’d been dancing a long time.  By the time I made it to college, I realize I was more focused on defining my body and preparing to possibly compete. I started competing after I finished college. I competed in beauty and fitness competitions and did great. I soon realized this was my niche. I eventually moved to California.  My extensive exposure to fitness, by way of competing and filming a several fitness videos eventually led me to multiple opportunities to train. It would say my career in training started as a host on a weekly fitness program on NBC.   One of her first clients, was Jada Pickett Smith’s aunt, who she had the opportunity to train on the set of Jada and Will Smith’s show All of Us. I then went on to train and travel with actress Lisa Raye McCoy…. then an endless  slew of training opportunities began to come my way.


FG: Let’s talk nutrition! Do you have any suggestions for our readers?

MC: I think 80% of the changes you see your body are a result of what you eat. The biggest the thing that I can say is…try to incorporate as many fruits and vegetables in your diet as you can and if you’re eating lean meat. Eating organic. I’m a huge fan of “The Clean 15.”  It suggest several fruits and vegetables that you should buy organic. I just started being a vegetarian. I can see the benefits in it . I also recommend juicing. If you buy juice, make sure to read the labels, especially looking at the amount of sugar. If there are words you don’t understand.

FG:  Giggling..Or can’t pronounce, right?

FG: What do you enjoy drinking?

MC: Primarily water, green tea, peppermint tea. I’ve never been a huge drinker, so I stopped drinking alcohol about three years ago.

FG: Good going!

FG: What are your recommendations to people who are trying to remain consistent with their workouts?

MC: I would say, find someone that will hold you accountable. You two figure out what will be your personal incentive, whether it be treating yourself to a bag or a new pair of shoes. You have to consistently find things that serve as a motivation.

FG: What would you do if you had only 10 minutes to exercise?

MC: Cardio with some dumbbells or I would do the climbing step mill or swimming.

FG: How can our readers get connected with you? Do you have a DVD? Are you working on any particular projects?

MC: I do have a DVD, ” Give Me 15″- you can get it on my website http://madisonchasefitness.com/ .  My philosophy start with 15minutes and work yourself up to 30, then 45 minutes and then ultimately you’ll make it 60 minutes, which for many is ideal.

FG: Madison, thanks so much for taking the time to chat with FG. Happy Holidays!

Interviewed by: Kim Anthony