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Celebrity trainer Teddy Bass is a certified member of the American Council on Exercise (ACE), he also holds several certifications from Future Fit and actively continues his studies at national fitness seminars focusing on nutrition, kinesiology, strength training, flexibility, and biomechanics.He is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. He is also a trained professional dancer and performer. He is featured regularly in a variety of fitness magazines and has been quoted in Allure, Cosmopolitan, In Style, Self and US weekly to name a few.

For more than 2 decades, Teddy has trained some of Hollywood’s top celebrities and executives.  When he’s not traveling with clients, Teddy is training  at a private studio located in Beverly Hills, California. His approach to training incorporates all aspects of fitness to create his own personalized approach allowing his focus to be on improving core stability, posture and alignment by slightly varying the classic style and incorporating more versatile, contemporary movements.

Teddy’s workout is a lifestyle as opposed to a trend and he believes that goals set create an inner determination for self-achievement. With a diverse, challenging and progressive workout – each carefully customized session is designed to encourage the unity of mind, body and soul for a “complete body” experience. He’s highly recognized and respected in the world of fitness. His reputation speaks volumes to his professionalism and passion for helping people stay healthy and fit.

Q & A with Teddy Bass

FG: When and why did you become a personal trainer? Please tell us about your journey.

TB: Being from a very athletic family and the youngest I feel I was always trying to find a place to fit in. Either with friends or the sport that suited me and after high school I loved away and found a passion for dance. After receiving a BA in performance, I left Chicago to find a career and passion that could also supply joy and a livelihood at the same time. After waiting tables, managing a coffee shop and studying at Hubbard Street Dance Company for several years, I decided to move to Los Angeles where I met several amazing people and started taking classes and auditioning. Whether fate or coincidence, I met a dancer who had worked with a famous company who had just become a trainer. That was my light bulb moment to transition into leaning more about the body. I attended UCLA to study courses on the body and metabolism and then I continued my studies with learning specifically Pilates and strength training. It was like a natural evolution into my current passion of helping educate people how to become and stay healthy and take responsibly for choices made as well as how to empower them into a new life style to keep them going in the direction of their hearts desires. Trying to marry the body, mind and spirit creates happiness but there seems to be a big disconnect in our society these days.

FG: Do you have a special training style? What methods do you use?

TB: I am also a spiritual Therapist and therefore I am able to help incorporate some self motivating tips and create a safe space for people to release old habits and thoughts they may have about themselves. I trying and give clients tools to stay focused on goals and how they desire look and be in the world.  With the fast-paced world and all the negative energy that surrounds us all – it’s hard sometimes for people to focus on self-thinking.iI teach people that taking care of number one is far from selfish and it is in fact giving the world the best person for all to enjoy.  I guess I am an integration specialist :-). Allowing people to empower and take one day at a time and know they can start wherever they are making changes that will positively effect every area of their lives !! I use a combination of core Pilates based exercises combined with strength and cardio elements and custom a workout based on a clients needs !!

FG: What are some of the main factors you take in consideration when developing a fitness plan for clients?

TB: Age, goals, time, likes, in this field we really are catering to am individual so it’s all about listening and trying to deliver what they need.  Sometimes what isn’t being said is what they may need. We all think it’s the external we are trying to change but I’ve said so many times it’s an inside job. Everything starts with your kind and perceptions and if we can be clear of those then the changes can happen almost immediately. What are some of the most common mistakes a client makes? Self judgment , procrastination , forgetfulness , projection , comparing , avoidance , choosing the wrong trainer. These are some that I feel actually keep the client from attaining the goals desired. I think once they become a client, it’s our job to keep them focused and guide them each session to a greater realization of the infinite possibilities that lie within then just for showing up and saying yes to a better them. A be warned, if that means resistance  – then so be it.


Teddy Bass and Cameron Diaz
FG: What are the most common mistakes a trainer makes?

TB: Thinking they are the best and know everything, not listening and giving the client what they desire.
Do you have suggestions for people who have difficulty being consistent and staying motivated?Find a support team around them that have similar interested and really want to make positive changes in their lives. So something every day that takes you in the detection of where you want to be. Whether it be exercise or a food choice or the friends you have around.  We are given opportunities all the time to check where we let our minds hang out. Is it productive or is it pollution ? Make things simple. Make a list of what you really want in your life and do a self-evaluation are the things around I support of or against them ? Do changes need to be made? Ask that honest question of yourself!
How do you keep you clients motivated?Humor , laughter , variation , homework , being present , ( feeding them sweets at the holidays – just kidding),. I just try to deliver honesty and safety so this thing called fitness can be integrated as a way of life for them and not a phase !!
What type of nutrition tips do you have for fitness enthusiasts? Eat healthy, eat small meals often, drink lots of water, eat organic fresh as often as possibly , and stay away from ” fast food”. There is a reason it’s called that. Cooking is not only fun it’s a great way to socialize with your family and friends and give you first hand knowledge of what you are putting in your body. If it is a temple and sacred and people were more aware of this idea – there would be less junk food and sodas sold in the world. We have become an emotional eating society that instead of processing painful situations we masking them with over eating and indulgences that really don’t serve us.

FG: If you only had 10 minutes to work out, what would you do?

TB: Think about what I would want to do with my next 45 minute workout. Seriously, time is a big issue and I understand we all have busy lives but make time for yourself and see how much around you actually responds in a positive way. You will have more time , more creativity , more friends , more money and less struggle in the long run. My clients are some of the busiest celebrities and CEOs in the world – but they find the time…and the fortune follows.

FG: Teddy, thanks so much for participating in our Q & A! We appreciate your time and consideration.

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