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YPLS takes a realistic and holistic approach to coaching that has proven results. I understand the fact that life can be uncertain and periodically brings challenges and changes our way. YPLS relishes the opportunity to help our clients develop the inner strength and wherewithal they’ll need to confidently maneuver through life’s unpredictable obstacle course.

I welcome you to an environment of non-judgement, trust and calmness, where you will always be affirmed, supported, and actively heard. Are you ready to make more meaningful personal, physical, and emotional investments in your life and witness immediate results?  View Extensive Services List HERE!


Whether it’s discovering your career and personal passions, losing weight, or simply preparing for the next sensational chapter in your life, I want to help you live a life you can love.

Our life coaching services include:

  • Free consulation
  • Full assessment
  • Coaching sessions (In person, online via Skype or by telephone)
  • Practical assignments
  • E-mail briefings

YPLS also provides the following:

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What is life and wellness coaching?

The process of coaching addresses success in transitions, relationships, businesses and general conditions in a client’s personal life. It is an synergistic alliance between client and the coach.

How does life coaching differ from counseling/therapy?

Coaching sessions are more directive and action-oriented.  Coaching sessions tend to be more directive than counseling sessions, with greater input and accountability from the coach.  Coaching sessions end with client commitment to action steps, homework, and reflection between sessions.  Both coaching and counseling sessions include a spirit of empathy and compassion, personal development and skill training.  Sessions require the commitment of the client to creating change and awareness both in appointment session, and beyond.

How can coaching services help me? There are a variety reasons clients seek coaching.  Here are some:

  • Want to learn how to maximize your own talents and strengths.
  • Doing it all and not getting anywhere.
  • Having difficulty maneuvering through life transitions.
  • Uncover stumbling blocks.
  • Need direction moving forward in your career or education.
  • Need work-life balance.
  • Aren’t as healthy and happy as you’d like to be.
  • Want to learn how to maximize your own skills and take advantage of your talents.

What does YPLS Life and Wellness Coaching offer?

YPLS Life and Wellness Coaching will help you:

  • Learn how to develop skills to successfully recognize your skills and dreams.
  • Identify your your goals.
  • Successfully move through challenges that stand in the way of your goals.

What does YPLS Life Coaching specialize in?

YPLS is a highly trained and experienced coach. She can coach superbly on any aspect of life.  YPLS specializes in the following areas :

  • Career Planning
  • Entrepreneurial and Small Business Development
  • Academic Development
  • Educational Consulting
  • Motivation and Time Management
  • Relationships
  • Personal Growth

How did YPLS get its start? Find out more about Your Personal Life Stylist.

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